Esmay Family Tree


Kip Hunt

Born 6/16/2000



Bobby Hunt
Born 9/4/1963
Married Jennifer Diane Young Hunt 11/21/1999



Phyllis Hunt
Born 2/5/1939



Richard Esmay

Born on 16 Feb 1915.
He died on 26 Feb 1965.
He was buried on 1 Mar 1965 in Chicargo, Ill.



Pearl Isaac Esmay

Born on 14 Jan 1876 in Yankton Co., NY.
He was married to Kate N. Rogers on 27 Aug 1901.
He died on 1 Jan 1963.
He was buried in Humbolt, Iowa.

Kate N. Rogers

Born on 17 Nov 1880 in Springfield Nebraska.
She died on 28 Jun 1946.
She was buried in Humbolt, Humbolt Co., Iowa.



Isaac N. Esmay
Farmer was born in 1843 in New York. Sabula Co.
A 24th Inf.
He was married to Lydia G. Lovell on 8 Apr 1872 in Sabula, Iowa.
By G. R. Manning Minister.
He died on 16 Jun 1932 in Valley, Nebraska.
He was buried in Valley, Nebraska.

Lydia G. Lovell
Born in 1847 in New York.
She died on 15 Jun 1920 in Valley, Nebraska.
She was buried in Valley, Nebraska.

A. V. Rogers.

Natalie Bates.



Isaac Esmay
Born on 31 Mar 1808 in Schoharie Co. NY.
He died on 29 Apr 1885 in Mission Hill, SD.
He was buried in Mission Hill, SD

Alvira V. Knapp
Born on 14 May 1821. She died on 26 Jan 1843.

Cephus Lovell
Born in 1803 in Vermont.

Born in 1807 in Vermont.



Yzac (Isaac) Hegman Esmay
Born on 4 Jul 1779 in Albany, NY.
He was christened on 11 Aug 1779 in Ref. Dutch Church Albany, NY.
Christening Witnessed by Izac Hegeman and Neeltje Degraaf
He died on 16 Nov 1864.
He was buried in Dorloo Cem, Dorloo, Scenectady, NY

Margaret Pierson
Born on 25 Feb 1782.
She died on 22 May 1871.
She was buried in Dorloo Cemetary, Dorloo, NY.


Thomas Esmay LT (Rev War)
Born on 5 Sep 1747 in Rombout Patent between Fishkill & Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY.
Enlisted as in the 5th Regiment of Albany County Militia under the command of Col. Gerritt G. Van Den Bergh and Col. Henry Quackenbos.
Promoted to Sergant and then to Lieutenant.
He was married to Elizabeth Parmentier on 23 Jun 1771 in Poughkeepsie, NY.
He died in 1820.

Elizabeth Parmentier
Born on 16 Jan 1751/52 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY.
She was christened on 20 Jan 1752 in Dutch Reformed Church records, Poughkeepsie, NY.
She died on 2 Dec 1814 in Near Jerulsalem, Albany Co., NY.


Robert Ismay Or Esmay
Born in 1715.
He has reference number PV4G-N9.

Elizabeth Woolrich.

Michael Parmentier
Born on 6 May 1711 in Kingston, NY.

Ariantje (Eleanor) Hegman.



Pieter Parmentier
Born on 13 Jun 1680 in Flatbush, NY.

Sara Van Kleeck
Born in 1682 in Albany, Albany, NY. She died in 1713.



Michael Parmentier
Born in 1654 in Kortrijk, West Flanders, Belgium. Came to the US in 1663

Teeltje Jans Damen
Born in 1659 in Brooklyn, NY.

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